Custom Manufactured Gear Racks and Gears

Standard Racks

Innovative Rack & Gear offers a variety of gear racks that we keep in stock. We manufacture square, rectangular, and round gear racks on our CNC rack milling machines in 416 SS, from 16 pitch to 120 pitch, in 14 ½° & 20° pressure angles. All are manufactured to AGMA Quality 10:

  • Round gear rack is supplied from 1/8’’ to 3/4’’ diameter.
  • Square and rectangular gear racks are supplied with cross sections from 1/8’’ to ¾’’.
  • Gear racks are offered in 11’’, 18’’ and 24’’ lengths.
  • Gear racks also offered with metric features.

Often, gear racks are modified to fit specific applications. This may include drilling and tapping mounting holes, cutting to specific lengths or matching ends of two pieces of rack to create a continuous length longer than stock. We can offer stock gear rack as drilled and counter-bored, drilled and tapped, or plain.

Steering Rack

Requests for quotations can be submitted via our website, and purchase orders can be submitted via e-mail to info@gearacks.com or faxed to (630) 766-3245.